Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hacked Off

I don't know about any other blogger, but I am totally hacked of with Clegg, Clegg, wall-to-wall f'ing Clegg. As for Clegg being called the new Obama - Oh God, spare us!

Bearing in mind the debate had been rehearsed, making it a sham, one can but accept that Clegg did the better of the other two numpties. However do the viewing public not question what they see and hear, especially as all three numpties told porkies of some magnitude time and time again?

It is a fact that when a political party appears on our screens, whether with an idea that captures the public's imagination or a soundbite that likewise resonates, their standing in polls rises - so why the Clegg worship? The sycophantic writing by the MSM is enough to drive one to drink - fortunately, I have already reached that stage, so they are wasting their bloody time!

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Chuckles said...

He is not a threat to their worldview and inner blancmange