Sunday, 25 April 2010

Who Is Leading Who?

GuidoFawkes: "Do I detect the penny dropping with pundits that we are looking at a probable Liberal-Conservative regime in two weeks? Formal or informal?" So 'tweets' the 'accepted' 'King of the UK Blogosphere'.

If it is based on articles such as this, then it would seem reasonable to question if the politicians are leading the media - or vice-versa. For a 'journalist' to write that "Both parties have greened their economic thinking.......both think the past 13 years have been too statist and centralist." without any attempt to clarify the two statements does rather beggar belief.

Both parties have 'greened their economic thinking' because both are beholden to implementing EU directives that dictate their economic thinking. Both parties 'think the past 13 years have been too statist and centralist', yet both wish to remain a member of a body that is also 'statist and centralist'.

If the electorate is crying out for honesty in politics, then perhaps they should also cry out for honesty in journalism?

Just a thought..........

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