Monday, 19 April 2010

Fine Words Indeed, But......

Daniel Hannan posts on a conversation with a Polish friend and life under the regimes of Jabłoński and Jaruzelski and how this changed with the election of a Polish Pope, Hannan's friend offering sound words of advice:

"People tend to forget something about John Paul II. He never criticised the Communist authorities directly. He didn’t need to. He just offered something better."

The problem comes when those offering 'something better' are ignored by the 'ruling' regime and the media, when the latter combine to ensure that 'something better' does not reach the ears of the people and in so doing ensures that debate is negated. 

Some may well argue that the message of 'something better' did eventually succeed in Poland, but that country was living under a tyrannical regime whereas our country is supposed to be a democracy. Let us just hope that we do not have to experience the decades of struggle that Poland experienced, before we too escape the tyrannical regime that our current political elite wish to condemn us.


Trooper Thompson said...

There's a big difference: in communist Poland, they knew they were being lied to and oppressed and had the example of the West to show the folly of socialist economics.

Witterings From Witney said...

True TT, but we also know we are being lied to and we have a thousand years of experience to realise it!