Friday, 23 April 2010

Shock Horror! LibDems Accused Of Misleading

According to the BBC, it has come to light that a leaflet put out by the LibDems in Cardiff North to promote their candidate John Dixon, portrays him talking to a nurse who it is now known is a LibDem employee. The Tory Assembly Member, Jonathan Morgan, wants an apology to his constituents and all nurses working in Cardiff, whilst castigating the LibDems for deliberately misleading voters and is joined by a Welsh Labour spokesperson who also considers it 'bad form'.

This form of 'faux' outrage is sooo passe (apologies, but don't know how to insert 'accents' in blogger) and does not, one hopes, fool anyone (other than the majority of the electorate, that is). Consider though: Are not the Lib/lab/Con guilty of deliberately misleading the electorate? Are not all three guilty of hiding the fact their hands are tied on any policy they wish to introduce, due to our membership of the EU, on for example immigration and energy? Are not all three guilty of misleading the electorate by their denial of any other party standing in the general election? Are not all three guilty of misdemeanours with expenses and for not deselecting candidates who broke the spirit of the rules, regardless of the amount involved?

By their deliberate obfuscation and banality the political elite today are also guilty of ensuring the electorate are so disillusioned with politics that they do not take any further interest. Because of this the electorate no longer think or question what they are told, which only serves to imbed, even more, the tribal voting that is now the norm.

The following youtube video may well be a spoof, for all I know, but one hears answers like this in the street every day. When we, as a country, can produce someone who asks "What does constituency mean?" (and can't even pronounce the word constituency correctly) then we know the country really is doomed!


Adam R. said...

One trick for inputting accents or foreign characters into a post would be to copy and paste an example from a Wikipedia article.
For example:
János Kádár

Witterings From Witney said...

thanks for that AR - obviously did not have brain in gear, a common fault of mine!

Adam R. said...

Not a problem dude. There are always easy solutions that one can use. I can't say the same about Dave, Gordon and Nick

Tcheuchter said...

Re foreign characters etc

é ç ß Φ Ψ ∫

It seems to work in Safari (edit, special characters) on my Mac.

Hope this is of help.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks T, info much appreciated!

Sir Hugo said...

Spéçiâl chäràctèrs:

Unsavoury characters:

Witterings From Witney said...

Sir H,

Like the others above, you are a 'star'.

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