Friday, 16 April 2010

More Leader Debate Comment

Cathy Newman and FactCheck have been busy again - politicians should realise that she is one blue-eyed blonde that you don't mess with!

Picking up on Cameron's comment about having gone to a Hull police station the other day, she promptly demolishes this rather neatly. Leaving to one side the discrepancy about the cost of this particular vehicle, it appears that the last time Cameron was in Hull was August last year. Oops!

Digressing, think back to the debate and the discussion about the economy. Not one of the protagonists told us the full details of their spending plans; not one of them has published full details, yet they spent the alloted time accusing each other of failing to come clean.

I seem to recall reading that Treasury estimates of tax revenues would amount to circa £650billion, yet the Budget stated that revenue receipts would only be circa £540billion. Coupled with Government expenditure this year due to hit circa £700billion does not just leave a black hole - it is more like an entire bloody galaxy!

Methinks our politicos need to be reminded on their own mantra - honesty, transparency and truth?

Update: Young Cathy has added this and this.

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