Saturday, 17 April 2010

What If?

If the only item of interest on the blogosphere and in the media is Clegg, then I suppose I have to play along.

Let us hypothesise for one moment. Let us assume that 'Wunderkind' Clegg were to 'win' the second 'sham' debate and the Tories were left fighting for 'third place' in the polls.

Would the Tories decide that enough is enough? Would there be a 'putsch' to change leader? Would Cameron bow to pressure and decide that a referendum, in the first year of a new Parliament, on membership of the EU was now a necessary addition to his manifesto pledges?

It is highly unlikely that the Tories would wish to see what they consider as a 'given', which it was a few months ago, squandered by the misplaced policies, or wrong policies, of Cameron.

Just thinking (and dreaming).........


Sue said...

The public have been turned into morons. I don't know why they just don't stick all three of them on an island with challenges to see who wins the most votes.

Anyone who votes Labour. Conservative or Libdem is either stupid, insane or being bribed.

13th Spitfire said...

I do not think that one can actually expect the public to behave any differently. They do not have a collective memory, and if they did it would stretch about one week back and that is it. You cannot expect everyone to behave like us, who know all the intricate details of everything political in Britain. We are political nerds and public proper is not.

It is about naive to say that they are stupid they simply do not know better, for they have better things to do.

Sue said...

WFW. Why is everyone using German words in their vocabularies all of a sudden?

Adam R. said...

English speakers use French terms when speaking about fancy stuff. Since French was taken for that reason, they use German for philosophical and bizarre stuff. The LibLabCon is "Scheiss".

Mrs Rigby said...

Some of the electorate are too used to being led by the nose by media hype, and too used to 'voting' for personalities. I have an awful feeling that the msm will win this election, with the journalists choosing the winner - and many journalists are, by nature, lefties.