Friday, 30 April 2010

The Guardian Backs The LibDems - But What If?

So the Guardian has stated that if the newspaper had a vote in the general election - which thank heavens it doesn't - it would vote for the LibDems, purely it seems, on the basis that proportional representation would then become the 'norm'. Then on the other hand, when considering the outcome of proportional representation, there comes this view point.

No doubt when proportional representation did not produce the required 'left leaning' administration, the Guardian would want another change! Yet another example of a 'not thought through idea' from our 'leftie' friends?


Robert of Ottawa said...

My goodness. what a mess. The Not-Conservative party is just a bunch of brain-buggering snobby elitists indistinguishable from the champagne socialists on Hampstead Heath.

Only thing to do is vote UKIP - even though I doubt their capacity to produce drunken ribaldry in a brewery.

James Higham said...

Or for Independents, Robert.