Monday, 26 April 2010

Jonathan Isaby - Co-Editor of 'Con' Home

I use the abbreviation 'Con', rather than the complete word deliberately, because this 'piece' is just that - a 'con' from a con artist representing a party that is anything but 'Conservative' within the strictest understanding of the term.

Isaby writes "Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats broke their 2005 manifesto pledges for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and have happily voted to cede more powers to Brussels." And what the f'ing hell, Isaby, did your leader do, if not break a 'cast-iron' pledge for a referendum? Does Isaby have wool for brains?

This apologist for Cameron also writes "I don't for a moment expect UKIP to come anywhere near winning a Westminster seat on 6 May. But it remains a hindrance which the Tories could do without..." The words 'chicken' and 'count' immediately spring to mind, however it seems to have escaped this idiot's attention that were his party to believe in the idea of self-government and the wish to safeguard the country's interests the reason for UKIP's existence would be negated. In any event, surely Isaby believes it only proper that the electorate are able to vote for at least one party offering true 'Conservative' principles?

Putting forward the statement that it is frustration Conservative candidates feel about having a UKIP opponent, Isaby continues "The Conservatives, on the other hand, are fighting this election with a clear policy of not only seeking repatriation of certain powers and making any future transfer of power always subject to a referendum – but also pledging to pass a Sovereignty Bill, making it clear authority remains at Westminster." The question must be raised as to why only 'certain powers' are being sought for repatriation? What level or degree of 'any future transfer of power' will trigger this promised referendum? Who decides? Oh and 'authority' does not rest with Westminster, Isaby, it rests with the British people.

On the basis that the Tories deign not to publicly debate Britain's membership of the EU with UKIP and that the Tory's regard UKIP as no more than an irritant, why this ill-informed and illogical article? Methinks that Isaby and the heirachy of his party might just be a tad concerned? 

Any party that can resurrect the slogan 'In Europe, but not run by Europe' really has 'lost the plot' and the Tory Party have yet to refute the statement that it is impossible to be 'in' Europe without being 'run' by Europe. Well, Jonathan?

Afterthought: Perhaps Isaby should resign from Con Home and become a journalist as his ability to write drivel far surpasses that exhibited by the majority of said profession!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should resign from being so rude to journalists and find something better to do with your time!

Witterings From Witney said...


Rude? Moi?

1. Isaby is not a journalist per se, just a mouthpiece for the Conservative Party.

2. In view of that drivel, maybe he does need to become one as that is, generally, all they write,

3. Taking people to task is a good use of my time, likewise taking commenters to task for asinine comments!