Friday, 16 April 2010

A Good Read

Captain Ranty has a very 'readable' post over at his 'gaff' and one I urge you to read.

"Any incoming government MUST get us out of Europe. We have steered our own course for thousands of years, without interference from an unelected, unaccountable, and a seemingly unshamable group of nobodies in Brussels. We MUST control our own destiny. And that, my friends, must exclude the LibLabCon "Carry on regardless" bunch by default. None of them want us out of Europe, so none of them will do. We need someone else."

Pleasingly, as all else depends on it, CR lists 'Europe' top of his 'wish list' and begs that our government gets us out - which means a referendum as no doubt the electorate, in their wisdom, will elect a good proportion of the Lib/Lab/Con, contrary to CR's plea. To get that referendum, reneged on by the Lib/Lab/Con, all candidates should be denied our vote unless they have already signed the Albion Alliance Pledge (see Candidate data base, button on right side bar). Alternatively, when candidates 'come a canvassing', they can also be presented with this to sign - a form which is being downloaded at the rate of 'hundreds' each day, since it became available on the Albion Alliance website.

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