Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Would This Qualify, Mr. Cameron?

Trawling the foreign press throws up interesting items of news, items that one would have thought during an election period in this country would be of interest to our 'journalists', especially bearing in mind iDave's promise of a referendum in the event of any further transfers of power to the EU.

From The Washington Post come this story, included in which is:

"Kallas has called an emergency meeting of EU transport ministers May 4 to fast-track the wholesale reform of Europe's air traffic system."

This will, no doubt, mean a Directive in due course from the EU through which they will assume competence and is surely a 'power grab' in that the UK would lose total control of its airspace. Whilst the report in TWT does mention the cost of the fragmented system currently in operation, is it necessary, in order to cut costs, for the control of all air traffic in the EU to come under the control of that body?

Were iDave to be questioned on this - which, no doubt, he will not be - pound to a penny we would then find that his 'transfer of further powers' has caveats running through it like lettering in a stick of rock!

Update: Having written the above, I find that Richard North, EU Referendum, has also covered this matter in much greater detail.

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