Saturday, 24 April 2010

Cameron In Thurrock

As mentioned in the previous post, David Cameron has been offering his wisdom hare-brained ideas to the faithful.

"Look at the state of our society and the social problems that we face, whether it's crime or anti social behaviour, whether it's family breakdown. We need change to bring the big society to build a stronger society." In one form or another all the problems aforementioned can be traced back to our membership and subservience to the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.

"Think about the need to reform our immigration system where it's only the Conservatives who are saying we need to have a cap on immigration......." Not a bloody word pointing out that this only refers to immigration from outside the EU - not one word! Migration Watch state that since 1997 the UK has had 3 million immigrants - there is one still arriving every minute!

"We know in the Conservative Party that the people are the master, the politicians are the servant." Really Dave? So how come, if we are the master, you tell us that we can't start up a grammar school and receive funding? How come it is you that tell us we cannot have a referendum on our country's membership of the EU? How come it is you that informs us we must continue to fight in Afghanistan? How come we will be able to choose parliamentary candidates, but only from amongst those applicants that you have selected?

"......this is a changed Conservative Party." Tut, tut Dave, you really should use spell-checker. Had you done so it would have read 'Cameron Party', as the party you lead sure as f'ing hell ain't 'Conservative'!

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