Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Beginning Of The End?

Whilst the potential for human suffering is unknown and would not be deliberately wished on anyone, the following two reports, here and here, do not auger well for the European Union and its dream of a single currency.

The most obvious question is who is next - Portugal, Ireland? What we have then is a potential 'domino effect' and if any one thing will bring about the implosion of the most odious, empirical dreams since 1939, then the collapse of the euro must surely be welcomed - not to say the thousands of P45's, or the equivalent, that will then need issuing.

Now there would be an excuse for a 'street party' - I might even make the ultimate sacrifice and get married again (for the fourth time!)

Update: Gerald Warner adds his 'two-pennyworth' here and most eloquently one must add!

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