Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Interesting Speech, Mr. Cameron

David Cameron has today been speaking about the breakdown in our society and how his idea of a 'Big Society' would help in rectifying the present situation.

To digress for one moment, Cameron considers the present state "monolithic, inhuman, clumsy, distant" which surely is a charge that can be laid at the door of the European Union - a body of which he wishes to retain membership - but as I say, I digress.

If it is Cameron's wish to bring society together, then instead of schemes involving 'volunteers' in order to create "a society with personal and collective responsibility right at its heart", would it not be better to devolve power for managing health, education and law & order to local authorities, to give local authorities tax raising powers? As I have written previously, local government is presently a sham, with local councillors virtually disenfranchised due to the 'cabinet' system of local government, whereby the 'cabinet' is but implementing central government policies coupled with central government control of the purse strings.

This course of action would 'cement' society together, would mean that local councillors became responsible for their actions, local people begin to take an interest in local politics and the society in which they live.

Just a thought..............

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