Monday, 26 April 2010

What If?

Adam Boulton, Sky News, concentrates on the Lib/Lab/Con and their strategies in what remains of this general election. As with most politcal commentators Boulton believes this election to be a three horse race, but wonders whether there may be change in the electorates views at the end - what may be termed 'the polling booth moment'. As with so many of those who believe they are 'media gods', Boulton totally ignores all other parties, their policies and campaigns - something that he and his fellow 'spinrepeaters' may well live to regret.

Boulton ends this post with the words "This election is exceptionally hard to predict because all parties report volatility amongst voters and big local variations, exacerbated by the MP expenses scandal - nationalists, greens and independents each have some specific hopes. There is also a new mood afoot with up to half of the electorate telling pollsters they'd actually like a hung parliament - a new and big obstacle for the two old parties to overcome." One has to question whether those polled do actually tell the truth to pollsters and yes, there is the expenses angle to consider. It is also worth mentioning the wish of the numbers telling pollsters that they would welcome a hung parliament - which further begs the question whether there may be some 'surprising' results come the early hours of May 7th.

The British electorate can be very volatile and does make some surprising choices - one only has to think back to 1945 when Churchill was thrown out and 1992 when Major overcame every political pundit's expectation to win, albeit it marginally. Might the 'Others' not contain some new 'faces' from the parties that the Lib/Lab/Con have so studiously ignored?

So, what if the British electorate doesn't follow the script set out by the Lib/Lab/Con and their 'media puppets'? What if they decide to exercise their right and say 'Sod the lot of you'? What if democracy decides to rear her head once more?

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I hope your right!