Friday, 30 April 2010

Cameron's Contract

David Cameron has issued a 'contract' with the electorate, setting out his side of the 'bargain'. One has to firstly question whether having him as Prime Minister, together with his slavishness to ideas of the left, including membership of the EU, can be considered a bargain.

Saying that for too long the electorate has been lied to by politicians (I think he means like breaking a cast-iron guarantee) and that real change is not about what government does (government does far too much as it is and the last thing the electorate need is more government) just demonstrates that he is no different to any other politician in the other two main parties.

Cameron wishes to cut wasteful government spending - fine, stop paying the EU £45million every day; disband all the quangos, that saves approx £20/30million a year. iDave wants to act now on the national debt, but fights shy of actually informing us how; he wishes to build a greener economy, only because he has to implement Brussels directives which in so doing will cost us £18billion a year for the next four decades; he wants to 'control' immigration, yet cannot do so completely, again due to subservience to Brussels; oh and he wishes to give us the 'right' to sack MPs thus demonstrating his 'left-leaning' principles that show the only 'rights' we have are those he wishes to give us.

Actually, iDave, would you mind very much if we saved time and I, as one amongst many of the electorate, just submitted my claim right now for breach of contract?


Edward SPalton said...

When Stuart Wheeler applied for judicial review of the Labour's decision to rat on its promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, the government argued that there was "no reasonable expectation" that any government would fulfil a manifesto promise. The court upheld that view. So much for Mr. Cameron's "contract".

Witterings From Witney said...

ES, hence my request to claim breach of now! Like everything else this man says or writes, it ain't worth the paper its written on!