Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Second Leaders 'Debate'

Whether this will be worth watching we shall of course not know until afterwards. Much has been written in the media about the fact the EU will be one of the subjects covered in foreign affairs. How much disagreement there will be between three party leaders who all wish to remain a member of this odious body we shall see. Open Europe have produced a Briefing Note encapsulating a summary of the parties' basic position on EU policy, consequently when one sees there is no real fundamental difference in the Lib/Lab/Con policies it would seem there is little room for disagreement.

It will also be interesting to see what percentage of the allotted time is devoted to the 'EU question', when compared to say the replacement of Trident. As Richard North intimates in this post, how discussing our real government, in Brussels, can be considered 'foreign affairs' does rather make the mind boggle, especially when one considers that we are now part of a United States of Europe. As has been said previously on this blog, were Nigel Farage one of those at the lecturns then we could really have a debate - which would of course result in Cameron, Brown and Clegg looking even bigger fools than they appear at present!

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