Monday, 26 April 2010

BBC Impartiality?

During the 'Environmental Debate' on BBC2 those taking part were Simon Hughes (LibDem), Greg Clark (Con), Ed Miliband (Lab) and Darren Johnson (Green).

When the 'Foreign Affairs' Debate took place, at which the EU and Afghanisatan - amongst other topics was discussed - those taking part were David Miliband (Lab), William Hague (Con) and Ed Davey (LibDem).

The Green Party are classified as a 'minor' party and, to a certain extent, a 'one issue' party - yet are included in a debate on the environment. Like the Greens, UKIP are classified as a 'minor' and a 'one issue' party, yet were excluded from the Foreign Affairs Debate. 

Equal treatment?

Just thought I would point that out........................

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Totally agree!