Friday, 16 April 2010

The Great Debate

Following last nights 'Debate' debacle, next weeks should be more interesting as one of the subjects is 'international affairs' which, by its nature, should include the question of 'Europe' EU membership.

I won't be holding my breath though, as I would not put it past the three leaders numpties to have laid down conditions on the questions that are selected, as well as all the other 'conditions' on which it is reported that they insisted.

Of course if EU membership does rear its head, the one man who would be able to bring the debate to life will not be there! That man is the ex-leader of the party that came second in the last national election held in this country, beating both Labour and the LibDems. That same man was sorely needed last night too, when the subject of immigration arose.

Richard North, EU Referendum, has passed comment on last night here and I can but echo his statement. It is incredible that a debate, designed to bring politics closer to the people; designed to 'engage' the people, did not fully discuss the core cause of our immigration problem. As I have posted previously this practice of 'hiding' the truth from the electorate, at which the three numpties are adept, is no more than a form of censorship and one of which they should be truly ashamed.

In conclusion, the 'event' last night was not a debate, more a heated conversation between members of the same club!

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