Thursday, 15 April 2010

Trust Prescott To Get It Wrong

Prescott says, in a 'tweet':

"Fire up the Fokker!"

Delete the 'up' John and add an 's' to the plane.

Now there is an election slogan for the voters!


microdave said...

It doesn't matter whether he fires up the Fokker, Boeing or Airbus - none of them are going anywhere at the moment....

Adam R. said...

It gets worse: "Tonight you're seeing the real Gordon I know. Funny, intelligent and a man of real substance"

Robert of Ottawa said...

In Canada, it is widely spoken in political election activities, of "Kicking The Bums Out".

In fact, this is the prime motivation for a change of government.

Many can make the tiresome effort to vote to KTBO rather than waste time voting for some obscure thing you have to find out about.