Monday, 19 April 2010

Time To Change? Go Cameron, Just Go!

David Cameron, leader of Not-The-Tory-Party, has opened his mouth again this morning detailing a 'bottom-up' approach to government - and in so doing making an arse of himself. (Well, he mentioned 'bottom' first!) Addressing an audience of community leaders, voluntary organisations and small business owners in South London, we get this:

"First of all, are we going to have real leadership that will bring change in our country......" to which the answer is no, because as more and more powers are assumed by the EU any government in this country will be a government in name only. This blog, amongst many others, has highlighted the impending 'power-grabs' that are on the horizon and if our politicos haven't realised that then they need to change their sources of information!

Cameron, talking about his 'Big Society', says: "Take any subject you want to and you can see that the Conservatives' idea of the Big Society, not the big bossy state but the Big Society.....". Right then Dave, lets take education - you are advocating parents assuming some form of 'control' over the schools their children attend, but only if it is a state school. Is that not 'the big bossy state' talking? Dave says that we must retain our membership of the EU, yet refuses to allow the British people a referendum on whether they wish to remain in the EU. Is that not also 'the big bossy state' talking?

Cameron talks about taxes, national debt and small businesses - is he unaware of this*? If Cameron does not want a 'big bossy state' situation then why the bloody hell are we still in the EU? FFS!

Finally Cameron poses the question: "..look what we can achieve for our party, and now look what we can achieve for our country.". Yes Dave, we have seen what you have achieved for your party - you have exerted an iron control over it and your candidates, to the extent both party and candidates must do your bidding. In other words, in changing your party you have also wrecked it - and we don't want you wrecking our country - at least, any more than it is already!

Update: This has just appeared!

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Sue said...

Do you know, I'm no bloody genius and if I know the facts, why doesn't realise what he's saying is utter bullshit?

Surely he must be beginning to wonder why he's not in landslide territory.

I'm absolutely furious that Labour pond scum is getting all the Common Purpose, Downfall parodies and various other "racist" youtubes deleted.

I haven't calmed yet and I doubt I will. Will it change under Cameron?

Will it f*ck!