Monday, 19 April 2010

A Little Light Relief From Political Trickery

Purely as a diversion, the following which I have nicked from nourishingobscurity. Always have been a sucker for magic and always will be.

So, how did he do that?


Anonymous said...

From the start he has the the blue 5 spades at the bottom and the red 5 spades on top of the blue one.

He's careful not to show the blue card when he fans them out.

They do indeed take any card, and by way of some fake shuffling it goes in the pack below the blue 5 spades.

He fans them out again and the blue shows. He sneekily turns over 2 cards (blue and the chosen card) giving the impression their card is now blue, but throws only the one card (blue 5 spades) on table.

He uses the gap in the cards (where the blue came from) to scoop them up and ensure the red 5 spades goes at the bottom of pack.

Some more fake shuffling that ensures they 'choose' the bottom card (5 spades), which of course is what the blue card really is.

Bucko said...

In addition to the above, the blue 5 of spades starts out on the bottom of the pack. That is why you cant see it when he initially fans them out. Watch the first sequence of cutting the deck. The bootom card stays at the bottom of the deck until he re inserts the red 8 below it.