Sunday, 18 April 2010

Cameron Speak With Forked Tongue!

On the basis that the elderly are far more inclined to vote, like his opponents David Cameron is 'after' that section of the electorate's vote. It is a great pity then that the Big Chief of the Big Society says one thing while doing another!

"Yes, to treat them with respect and kindness. Yes, to give them the dignity and security they deserve...."

The article also reports that: "Mr Cameron said that Gordon Brown had “failed in his duty” to make sure that pensioners were provided for financially, that their healthcare was secure and that they could live with “dignity”.

If Cameron wishes to give the elderly 'the dignity and security they deserve', if he wishes to ensure that 'they could live with dignity', one has to ask why he is in favour of the 'un-ring-fencing' of the central government Supporting People grant - a grant which pays for 'support' of people both elderly and those in need. 

One section of our communities that are specifically suffering, as a result of the Supporting People grant not being ring-fenced, are those in sheltered housing. As a result of Labour's decision - and one which Cameron is totally in favour of, confirmed by him to me personally - Wardens in sheltered housing are being dispensed with. Invariably the elderly in Sheltered Accommodation are in their 80s and 90s with no living family, or family that are some distance away, even abroad. As a result a permanent Warden becomes, to residents, a friend, confidant and someone to talk to each day.

In Oxfordshire, as across the country, Wardens are being dispensed with and what is known as 'Floating Support' is being introduced purely as a cost-cutting exercise by local authorities who can now spend this Supporting People grant in other areas. This means that residents in sheltered housing now see someone maybe once a week, if not longer, and that it does not necessarily mean they will see the same person all the time.

It is disgraceful that our politicians seem content to 'support' illegal immigrants, support those whose only desire is to impose Sharia law on Britain and support other sundry 'undesirables', yet care not a jot about the support needed by 'our' elderly. What is also disgraceful is that Britain's requirement to support those illegal immigrants, those wanting Sharia law and all the other sundry 'undesirables' is due to our country's subservience to the EU and the ECHR - and we, the people, cannot do anything about it, regardless of which of the Lib/Lab/Con are elected.

So much for 'our' government!

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Sue said...

It's actually quite strange because I believe the majority of the quality bloggers are of middle or advancing age.

Do they not know this?