Friday, 23 April 2010

Were The Majority Like This Candidate

Philip Davies, standing in Shipley, has a home page on his website which should be required reading for all candidates of the Lib/Lab/Con.

"If re-elected as your MP, Philip will continue to campaign for prisoners to serve their sentences in full, continue to campaign vigorously against damaging political correctness, and work for your interests, not self-interest and not accept any promotion as a Minister."

"If re-elected, I pledge to:

Always put your interests before self-interest
Always be honest about my views on issues even if they differ from Party policy
Always be available so you can see me or speak to me at a time and place convenient to you
Hold regular advice surgeries across the whole constituency
Keep in touch with your priorities through regular surveys, and I will personally read and reply to everyone
Work hard on your behalf all of the time, not just at election time
Never accept a promotion so that I can always be free to speak up on your behalf

Go read as further comment from me is unnecessary.

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James Higham said...

Isn't that amazing - we posted simultaneously on this, from separate directions.

Great minds.

HSGD to you.