Monday, 19 April 2010

No Change There Then!

Sarah Teather has issued a statement, one which it is presumed has St. Nick's blessing, on the LibDem's attitude to 'Europe' (In case it had escaped our political elite, 'Europe' is a continent - not a country*).

What is all too apparent, from the musings of young Ms. Teather, is that the Libdems also do not accept that decisions affecting how we are governed should be made by the British people - not by a bunch of self-important, self-serving nonentities!

Oh, and she also fails to recognise that when the EU decides to impose the euro 'across the board', a LibDem government, like any other whilst we retain our membership, would just have to accept it! 

While any normal person shudders at the thought of the LibDems having any participation in the governance of Britain (think back, those old enough, to the Callaghan LibLab pact), the thought that a politician of the likes of Teather might hold ministerial office totally numbs the brain!

* What is so hard about the letters 'EU' that politicians avoid using them at all costs?


derek.buxton1 said...

They all do it, it helps camouflage the real government we have. Or just possibly, they are so stupid they do not know the diference.

Witterings From Witney said...

db1, they are far from stupid, in fact they are to bloody clever for their own good!