Tuesday, 27 April 2010

UKIP Raises The Stakes

One could say that UKIP are jumping on the SNP's bandwagon, however this letter from Lord Pearson to the BBC should stir the pot slightly and highlight the injustices that smaller, or 'lesser covered by the MSM', parties receive. Whether Pearson will succeed is, of course, open to question but the outcome will be of great interest to those of us who believe in fairness and due democratic process.

This action by the SNP and UKIP highlights the problems that the electorate face in that they are being asked to choose a government, yet are denied the full facts on which to make that choice. This aspect I have touched on briefly here, here, here and here. All those posts raise the question whether the media are in the pocket of the Lib/Lab/Con, vice-versa, or a mixture of both and highlight also that the present election is but a sham in more ways than one.

It is also worth referring back to one of the posts above in which I suggested that political parties should be questioned in depth about their own policies - and the result, when this happens, can be seen here, although we see the smear and counter-claim element, to which I referred, coming into play - a ploy that will save actually answering the question.

The question why the electorate are unable to recognise that they are still being taken for mugs; that the media do not see fit to write about the 'questionable' practices of the Lib/Lab/Con (which brings me back to the point about 'pockets'); that the media also do not see fit to write, in depth, about the subjects that the Lib/Lab/Con do not wish to discuss (EU, Immigration and 'Cuts') I leave readers to answer.

Myself, I just mourn the lack of a free press, the lack of democratic process and offer my condolences to the electorate upon whom this 'crime' is being inflicted.

Update: Iain Dale has spoken and, in my opinion, talks a load of what he, out of choice, handles best.

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Sue said...

Iain Dale is a so called "Conservative", he's bound to try to belittle UKIP but I think everyone is going to be surprised. The Tories are scared of UKIP as are the rest of the parties.

Everyone I know is voting UKIP. We all want the same things. Those voting Tory are either being conned or are "progressive" Tories.