Thursday, 5 August 2010

In The 'Silly Season' - A 'Silly Notice'

Visiting the Cotwold Wildlife Park yesterday, in the course of driving a minibus taking pensioners on a day out, the following sign was seen:

Why the word 'unisex'? Did we ever have 'boy baby' and 'girl baby' changing rooms?


Ray said...

Most baby changing rooms are 'mother and baby' changing rooms, and off of the female toilets. For instance those at two local supermarkets, plus the shopping malls in town where I am.

Fathers with babies often have no where to change them should that be required when they are out, hence this 'unisex' changing room indicating that fathers with babies are also allowed in.

Yes, this is argued against by some because, apparently, 'men shouldn't be allowed in baby changing rooms'.

Witterings From Witney said...


Exactly and as I said, why the need for the word 'unisex'?

What is wrong with just 'Baby Changing Room'?

This particular example was a separate room with its own entrance, FFS!

That men should not be allowed in baby changing rooms goes against all present equality laws!

These people need to 'get a life'!