Thursday, 5 August 2010

You Lucky People*

Courtesy of England Expects we learn that 2010 will be the "Year of EU Regulation". Intrigued by that it seemed worthwhile to ascertain what the puppet masters in Brussels had in store for us, their puppets! This document: "Commission Work Programme 2010 - Time to act" sets out in great detail what is proposed and in the Introduction states:
"A clear lesson from the crisis is that Europe can succeed provided it acts collectively, as a Union. Europe has no other option but to tackle the immediate challenge of the crisis and to face up to long-term challenges such as globalisation, climate action, ageing, so as to make up for the recent losses, regain competitiveness and put the EU on an upward path of sustainable growth. With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the election of a new European Parliament and the appointment of a new College of Commissioners, the EU is equipped with the necessary tools."
A summary of 'Commission actions expected to be adopted' can be found here and a list, subject by subject can be found here.

Note the words 'provided it acts collectively, as a Union' and also 'the EU is equipped with the necessary tools' -  the noose, dear reader, is indeed tightening and the bonds around us likewise!

And still the numpties that comprise The Comedic Idiots - aka The Coalition - believe they 'govern' us???!!!

* For those readers too young to recognise the phrase forming the title to this post - and for my US readers - the origin of the phrase.

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James Higham said...

How many will wake up?