Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So Say All Of Us!

A repost, especially for the benefit of those who feel despondent to the extent they give up blogging (you reading this Captain, GV?).
"We are told at a young age that we should be seen and not heard. It is constantly, and even worse, surreptitiously thrust into the innermost depths of our skulls that all of us should just sit down, shut up and just take it. We supposedly don’t matter to those obsessed with control over others, who feel that they may become big, by giving their victims the notion that they are all so very small.

Persons hidden far and away in a land separated from us appear to be the ones making all the important decisions. Persons who mistakenly lay claim to knowing what our needs are are busy making the choices for us so we need not busy our pretty little heads about it further. Sure there’s the scripted questions from the Town Halls that the crafty politicos stage for us. Sadly their meeting houses are just a slick mirage to hide their contempt for you.

It all adds up to the cruel statement from those who consider themselves “our betters” that in the grand scheme of it all that we simply don’t matter. I am most certainly not alone when I say that quite the opposite is true. You do matter and you should never let anyone on earth attempt to convince you otherwise.

We are conditioned or just told outright that we need to “work within the system” should there be something within it our souls find most disagreeable. Once you play at their game, it’s the same old song and dance with the same results. You continue to be lorded over by people who couldn’t be successful peddling their hare-brained schemes in the free market.

Solution? Live free, live just as free as you possibly can do so. If your gut tells you to disregard meaningless diktat and none of your fellow human beings are harmed by your actions, then by all means weigh the penalties you may possibly face with what you and your fellow travelers through life could perhaps gain. You, your dignity, your freedom, and your needs do indeed matter.

Engage in some good old fashioned civil disobedience with a group of friends. The larger the crowd and the more tolerant law enforcement in your area are, the better your chances of pulling it off. Peacefully confront the neighborhood bully and state loud and clear to him or her that you are a human being and expect to be treated with just as much dignity and respect as that person would expect from others."

Source - well said, Dan Steward

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Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW.

I hear you!

I'll be back. (As Arnie was wont to say).

I'm just gonna fry some different fish for a while.

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