Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Who TF Cares?

We are constantly being bombarded with opinion polls, the latest of which is this, informing us of the standing of the three main political parties.

The Lib/Lab/Con ratings may differ in numerical support, but what they all stand for is basically the same - government and yet more government.

We, the people, have had enough of 'government' - at least their ideas of 'government' - what we want, nay what we demand, are sevenfold:

1. Politicians, at all levels, who have integrity, principles and who we can therefore trust.
2. Politicians who believe that the sovereignty of our nation has been undermined and sold down the river and that we must become once again a self-governing nation.
3. Politicians who accept that we, the people, are the masters.
4. Politicians who believe in 'small government'
5. Politicians who recognise the benefits of - and the opportunities afforded by - the Commonwealth.
6. Politicians who recognise and understand what democracy really means.
7. Politicians who recognise that the freedoms, taken over the years, should be returned to us.

When the foregoing is 'accepted' by those who believe they know better, they can have the rest of my list!


Bucko said...

How about: Poloticians who are willing to leave us alone as long as we leave others alone.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, just plain wrong.

What on earth leads you to think WE are the masters, for example.

WE are the slaves, It is WE that work in order that THEY might sit around all day, some days, talking, and other days doing, who knows what.

There is nothing in our system that might lead you to the conclusions that you make other than delusion and, that is treatable.

They do not care a stuff for what you think. THEY get nominated by a selection committee and you get to choose which Party's turn it is next.

Your views simply do not matter except to the extent that scandlees exposed by newspapers might lead to some of them ending up in the dock. But look how many escaped.

Democracy in this country died a long time ago but it is in the interests of the politicians to let you delude a bit. Makes you think you might have a bit of power left.

Witterings From Witney said...


Accept all of what you say only too readily - I meant how it should be of course


yup agreed.