Saturday, 18 September 2010

900 Village Pubs Close In One Year Shock

The Telegraph reports that the National Housing Federation (NHF) has stated that 900 village pubs closed in one year and that:
" the closures reflected declining demand for services in villages where local families had been priced out of the area by wealthy commuters, pensioners and second-home owners, while too few new homes having been built"
Pensioners are wealthy? FFS! Perhaps the NHF need to study English grammar?

 In rebuttal all one can say is that yet another collection of idiots cannot see what is in front of their eyes - the decline in pub attendance is due to one reason and one reason only, namely the smoking ban! That totalitarian, obnoxious, unwanted law, passed when an original promise was again broken by our political masters, can also explain the rise in supermarket purchases of alcohol, I would venture to suggest.

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