Sunday, 19 September 2010

Respect & The Lack Of

Nigel Farndale, with a comment piece in the Sunday Telegraph, writes about the Duke of Edinburgh and his quips - 'gaffes' is the wrong word, Farndale maintains. In his article he relays a quip from Princess Anne, addressing Cherie Blair
"......there will always be the Duke’s daughter to uphold the family tradition. When the PM’s wife said, “Call me Cherie,” the Princess Royal replied: “Actually, let’s not go that way. Let’s stick to Mrs Blair, shall we?” Given that the Princess has only two words for journalists – “naff” and “off” – it can be assumed that this exchange made its way into the papers via Mrs Blair. And, indeed, it is repeated in her husband’s memoir, along with the conclusion that the Princess was “stunningly rude."
Cherie Blair may be a successful lawyer, she may have been, at the time, the wife of the Prime Minister, but she is/was still a commoner. Like so many 'ordinary' people in public life today, she forgot that her own view of her self-importance is just that - her view and that of no-one else.

It never ceases to amaze me that those who should show respect - and don't - consider they have suffered stunning rudeness when corrected. It is, of course, yet another example of the decline in courtesy and good manners so prevalent in our society today.


Indyanhat said...

Like or loathe her Anne is one sharp knife in the royal cutlery set and her remark to 'Cherie@ was all that she deserved. She should never have been made a judge either as she has no respect and very poor judgement!

Bill said...

I bet she really said
Fcuk off Mrs Blair!

Deliberately misspelt as I am not aware of your profanity policy but I feel sure that Anne would have put the gob down much more firmly than Bliar revealed in his doorstop.

Chuckles said...

'she forgot that her own view of her self-importance is just that - her view and that of no-one else.'

You got that one dead on the money...

Edward Spalton said...

Cherie Blair's over-familiarity is on a par with that fashionable throughout the whole of the NHS where people assume the phoney mateyness of calling strangers by their Christian names. Consent is assumed.

It cuts the other way too. When my mother was in her last illness, I had to take her into casualty . A very pleasant young lady came and said "Hello, I'm Fiona. I'm a doctor".

I had the chance to speak to her later quietly and suggested politely that she should always say "I am Dr. Smith".
"You will have to assert your authority and superior knowledge at some critical point and that's much easier if you're Dr. Smith than if you are Fiona."

Witterings from Witney said...

I, yes most defintely indeedee!

Bill, just draw the line at some biological descriptive swear words......and slander/libel.......

Chuckles, thanks for the compliment.

ES, just goes to show that even the professionals have fallen for the brainwashing/pc crap! One would have thought they had the intelligence to impose their medical authority if only to reassure those in need of confidence!

Anonymous said...

Well done the Princess Royal, more power to your elbow Ma'am.