Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Three Political Parties Or Is It Just One?

Cross posted from IPJ on Politics:
"So that’s over for another year. The Labour Party conference, which this year was the culmination of 6 months of leadership lacklustre boredom meetings hustings which has seen Ed Miliband, otherwise known as Miliband minor or more accurately Red Ed emerge the victor with the help, guidance and AV voting power of the Unions.

The conference itself has been a multi day blame fest, union after union (for it they who now hold the power), blaming everyone else for all our woes, right back to Thatcher and beyond, but never blaming themselves. For that it took their new leader to admit to some ‘mistakes’, but even that was limited in scope.

What we have seen in technicolour is how AV overrides the wishes of the majority, sidelines and diminishes the ordinary party member, MPs and MEPs who all voted by a large majority for David Miliband to allow the Unions to take not only control of the party through their stooge Red Ed, but for the assistant general secretary of Unite Diana Holland take control of the party finances as the new Treasurer.

In all respects the Labour Party is now dead, it is now without doubt the Union Party. A party that now wants to show that it on the road to Marxism but without the previous Stalinist traits shown by Brown and Blair.

Comrade Miliband went so far as to suggest that should Home Secretary Theresa May wish to overhaul Labour introduced anti terrorist legislation he would go along with it, smooth off the Stalinist rough edges, provided she didn’t do away with CCTV or ANPR, the very tools of a communist state to keep watch on the sheeple, the tools under the control of the unaccountable private company the ACPO.

So Labour become the 3rd major party to adopt the softer Marxist creed of Communitarianism, falling in line with the Red Toryism of Philip Blonde and the Nudge of Thaler & Sunstein and the LibDem Social Democracy in all things EU, the undemocratic, unelected body in Brussels, operated like a mafia by a motley crew of Maoist and Communists over whom the voters of the UK have no say.

And so I can only despair for this land of mine, being led by all our major parties into communism, under the guise of the nice, localised, people centred communitarian state, being followed by the rosette wearing tribal fools who still claim to see a difference between them and supported by the useful idiots who get rich at the expense of taxpayers, who only see wealth making as state grants and subsidies for their businesses and cuckoo organisations, those who have little regard to understand where that ‘state’ money comes from.

The ‘Change’ we are constantly promised by all these parties is not a new beginning, it is the end of all that most people hold dear, and like everyone who has ever been the victim of a con-man, you won’t see it coming, and because our political elite and media won’t discuss it, most won’t know it all comes from Brussels.

It is the end of democracy as we move to the post democratic age which AV will only hasten, it is the end of freedom as ever more enforcement is applied to ensure we are only free to say, think and do what government decide we can, and it is the end of our rights in favour of state approved entitlements.

But, there is another way, if you really want to live as a free and democratic people, rather than just exist in a world shaped, modelled and enforced by others. You just need to look, listen and read beyond what the state approved PR merchants are pumping you with."
And come the Conservative Party Conference you will hear virtually the same themes, but using different words. Nigel Farage famously said that it was not possible to get a cigarette paper between the Lib/Lab/Con and that has never been truer than it is today. The majority of members of all three parties preach equality of opportunity and fairness, yet they have all managed to distance themselves from the world in which 'ordinary people' live by means of property portfolios, subsidised food, alcohol and travel - not to forget their pension scheme - and all at the expense of those 'ordinary people'. The majority of MPs have no real interest in their electorates as their eyes are firmly fixed on their careers, ministerial appointments and the possibility of their climbing aboard the EU 'Gravy Train'. Oh, they are sufficiently 'servile', come the time when they have to seek the continuance of their careers, but 'tween times I don't believe they give a damn - and mores the pity, the sheeple fall for it each and every time!

Well one day - and may God allow it to be soon - the sheeple are going to realise what this scam has been about and the subsequent retribution will be swift and bloody!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, it's my pet theory about Indian Bicycle Marketing - one product, three different marketing strategies.

FROSTY said...

Well one day - and may God allow it to be soon - the sheeple are going to realise what this scam has been about and the subsequent retribution will be swift and bloody!

Great post and i do so hope you are right.

Anonymous said...

It's just one party:


Unknown said...

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Witterings from Witney said...

MW, so very very true!

Frosty, thanks on behalf of IPJ and me.

Anon, agreed and it is now so obvious,isn't it?

Velson, ta and happy to oblige