Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hain "The Pain" Truly Is Despicable!

And in so being has shown his 'leftie' credentials with this speech to the Labour conference, in which he proclaims:
"Across Britain, we deprived the Tories of an outright victory when they thought they had it in the bag."
Hain would appear to have a very selective memory, or perhaps he was not aware of this.

But perhaps the biggest piece of disingeniousness is this statement:
"But most outrageous, totally unforgivable and totally unjustifiable, is that the new boundaries will be drawn up on a register excluding more than 3.5 million eligible voters, predominantly the young, poor and black and minority ethnic social groups And at the same time Nick Clegg says he wants to give prisoners the vote. So some of the most vulnerable, law abiding people in society will be deprived of a vote at the same time as the Deputy Prime Minister wants convicted murderers, rapists and paedophiles to get one." (my emphasis)
 Obviously Hain has forgotten all those pages that he termed a 'tidying up exercise' - on more than one occasion (pp 22/23) - and because of which prisoners have gained the right to vote. Whilst on Hain's quotes it is worthwhile reading all the others attributed to him!

This speech by Hain consists of blatant lies and untruths, but is to be expected from someone who, in his younger days, Harold Wilson's government had even considered charging with seditious conspiracy
for threatening to disrupt the proposed cricket tour by South Africa in 1970.


john in cheshire said...

The alien, Hain, doesn't have a particularly honourable background. Mixed up in a bank robbery (not charged, as I recall) in the '70s, had to resign two or so years ago because of substantial undeclared donations. Not a nice man. One wonders why he wasn't expelled from our country years ago. Back to his beloved South Africa; or won't they have him?

Anonymous said...

Both him and Straw should have done jail time (long) for their disgraceful acts of criminal damage. And I agree, afterwards he should have been deported.


Witterings from Witney said...

jic, re Hain's background - Yup I know all about that............Re SA, fraid not, they or anyone else wants him!

A, deported in bits, I presume?