Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Central Government 'Control' - Its The Money Stupid (2)

Following my earlier post - which was repeated on "The Albion Alliance Presents" - a comment was left by Rob Bailey, Principal Advisor of the Association of Public Service Employees (APSE) and a rebuttal immediately issued by Ian Parker-Joseph.
An email has been sent to Mr. Bailey, as follows:


Dear Mr. Bailey,

Following an article on "The Albion Alliance Presents" you posted the following comment:

"The Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) is not a quango, receives no money from central government and membership is entirely voluntary. We run a successful benchmarking club for local government called APSE performance networks which allows Councils to evalate
[sic] their own performance, productivity and value for money across a wide range of services against their peers authorities."

The receipt of central government funds is not the only criteria to define a quango. On the basis that local authorities are funded by public money, whether that comes from central government or collection of council tax, and from said public money they pay their dues to belong to your organisation must mean that you are funded by public money and by definition are therefore a 'quango'.

Like so many quangos and not-for-profit government bodies, APSE does not make their Annual Accounts available on their website, so perhaps you can provide me with a link where these may be accessed, in order that the source(s) of your funding can be ascertained.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
The application form to join APSE can be viewed here.

It would appear that what we have here, with APSE, is another ACPO?

We shall see what response the email brings and any updates will be posted.

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