Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Blowing In The Wind - When The Wind Blows Of Course!

Today's editions of The Telegraph, Mail, Express and BBC all contain articles about wind turbines - all, with the exception of the BBC (naturally), dealing with the exorbitant cost of these wind turbines.

The Telegraph, Mail and Express all deal with the fact that wind powered electricity costs twice that of coal or gas provision of electricity and all quote a recent report by the UK Energy Research Centre. Not so the BBC (bless!) who concentrate their article purely on the call for a 'home grown wind power industry', with the inevitable quotes from those with a vested interest.

The media in general stand guilty of unprofessional journalism in that they invariably 'cut & paste' press releases and then present that as 'news', without any attempt to question the content of those press releases. In this the BBC stands head and shoulders above its rivals in the media and is to be commended on its lack of embarrassment in so doing.

It is beyond comprehension that our politicians and their PR organisation, the BBC, continue to promote a source of energy that is proven not to be cost efficient and in so doing ignoring all the evidence, both factual and economic, that is before their very noses. This is probably due to the fact our politicians have no choice but to pursue this policy as it is dictated to them by Brussels, who also grant beneficial loans to the BBC, hence the latter's support for what is, in effect, nothing but a tax raising scam.

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