Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Good Question

An interesting article in the Independent, by Michael Brown, on issues raised by Nick Boles' suggestion of an electoral pact twixt the two parties of the Coalition.

It would seem that the idea that Cameron and Clegg are in fact creating a new political party - the Liberal Conservatives - could 'hold water'. If not - and they do campaign as separate parties come the next general election - how do they oppose each other? As Michael Brown asks:
"I have always thought it impossible for Tories to oppose Nick Clegg next time in his Sheffield constituency on the basis that his record, and that of his party, will have been dreadful between 2010 and 2015. Equally, how does Mr Clegg tell voters his Lib Dems are better than the horrid Tories – with all their dreadful cuts to which he will have agreed? The same applies for other incumbent MPs in both parts of the Coalition."
 It can be argued that the defense of 'Well, we compromised for the good of the country' won't wash with the electorate. So have Cameron and Clegg boxed their respective parties into a corner from which there is no escape?


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James Higham said...

The New Pinkos, you mean?