Sunday, 26 September 2010

Where Is The Difference?

Matthew d'Ancona, writing in the Sunday Telegraph:
"On Saturday, David Cameron won the next general election."'
Whilst d'Ancona believes (unlike some) he has many talents, it is not thought that prophesy is one of them. Who can foretell the state of the country in five years time? Not, it would seem, d'Ancona - who evidence shows cannot manage three years or even a few days. In September 2007 d'Ancona was writing that the Tory conference in Blackpool was probably the last one prior to an election and that the following year, in Birmingham, they would either be in government or be facing a fourth term in opposition. Even as late as 2nd May 2010, just four days before polling, d'Ancona was writing that Cameron would probably be Prime Minister. Possibly one of d'Ancona's friends will have a quiet word and suggest his gives up his prophetic attempts?

In his latest article d'Ancona attempts to analyse MiliE's political beliefs - yet he could also be writing about Cameron. Both believe in membership of the European Union; both are environmentalists; both believe in state control (albeit with differences about the level of that control); both believe in 'change'; and having met Cameron, yes "Indeed, his brow furrows.........when he confronts disagreement".

d'Ancona's article bears out a long held belief that not only do the Telegraph staffers nowadays write utter rubbish, they publish it when written by others too.

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