Thursday, 16 September 2010

Forgotten This, Have You?

EUobserver reports that there is a tad of discord amongst the heirachy of the EU over the 'Roma Problem' with EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding stating that Paris' Roma policy was in breach of EU law and gave rise to "a situation [she] thought Europe would not have to witness again after the Second World War."

There was I thinking that they all agreed with the Preamble to the Treaty on European Union, in which it states that they:

"Drew inspiration from the cultural, religious and humanist inheritance of Europe from which have developed the universal values of the inviolable and inalienable rights of the human person......."

"Desire to deepen the solidarity between their peoples while respecting their history, their culture and their traditions"

"Resolved to facilitate the free movement of persons......"

Nothing like the 'wrecking ball of nationalism' to shatter an unattainable dream, is there?

Just a thought............

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