Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Cross-posted from IanPJ on Politics:
"Next month David Nuttall MP for Bury North is due to present his Bill as follows:
Wednesday 13 October
Ten minute Rule Motion: Mr David Nuttall: Public Houses and Private Members’ Clubs (Smoking): That leave be given to bring in a Bill to exempt public houses and private members’ clubs from the requirements of Part 1 of the Health Act 2006 relating to smoke-free premises; and for connected purposes.
Phil Johnson, Chairman of the Freedom to Choose campaign said, It would be helpful for people to send emails/letters to as many MPs in their immediate areas asking them to support David Nuttall’s Bill on the 13th October. It doesn’t matter if some MPs get several hits via ‘overlapping, the important matter is contacting them.

Thank you in advance.

We all know why the pubs and clubs are dying, and its got nothing to do with the recession. Please support this bill."
Please do write to your MP. Whether you smoke or not, this is about allowing those that run a business the choice to run it as they wish; it is about providing people with choice - the latter something the politicos obviously do not want us to have. With publicans being returned the right to decide (and advertise their establishments as smoking or non-smoking) the public also regain that right of choice.

Remember choice? It was something we all enjoyed before the 'Righteous' gained a foothold in our society!

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Anonymous said...

Consider it done. However I don't expect anything other than a Righteous response from my MP, who is a doctor. I wrote at the time of the ban itself and he replied that smoking is a filthy habit and it's his job to help stamp it out. Needless to say I didn't vote for him at the elction, but he got back in anyway.

It seems that we either have the tyranny of the majority going on or our MPs can't be bothered to represent us.