Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cigareets & Whuskey & Wild Wild Women

Not content with trying to limit consumption of the first two, it would appear that our political masters, in this particular instance in the shape of Viviane Reding, wish to arbitrarily increase the numbers of the third within the world of business.

It does not take a degree in logicality to realise that if there were sufficient women with the capability to fill senior management posts then their numbers would be higher than at present. Likewise it is not stretching the mind to also realise that no CEO or Board is going to appoint someone of inferior skill, knowledge, capability etc to a position to which they are totally unsuitable. Needless to say the same arguments in respect of inferior skill, capability etc equally apply when considering subjects such as diversity, equality, ethnicity and any other 'ity' you care to mention.

Society may well be driven insane if Viviane Reding remains in post as she exhibits one of the characteristics shown by those promoted beyond their abilities, namely insanity.


Anonymous said...

How very demeaning this stupid Vivienne woman is. If I was offered a position in the context of positive discrimination I would never know whether I had won it on the basis of my competence (mostly my doing) or of my genes (nothing to do with me)!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but you forget, Viviane Reding knows far better than you.Thats why she's so important.

Witterings From Witney said...

A (1)Exactly, which blows out of the water all this equality crap

A (2) Unfortunately......!