Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So, Waddya Do Now, David?

The Mail carries a report detailing the contents of leaked documents from the European Union Commission which reportedly state that ministers have been warned that restrictions on claims by immigrants are against the law and must be scrapped.
"EU law leaves it to member states to determine the details of their social security schemes and social assistance schemes, including the conditions on awarding benefits. However, when making use of this competence, member states have to comply with the fundamental principles of EU law, such as the right to equal treatment on the basis of nationality. Having examined the “right to reside” test... it is not compatible with different legal provisions of EU law."
What this report illustrates is that by insisting that all immigrants are entitled to social welfare payments, regardless of their time in Britain, it is thus making Britain even more of a magnet for all EU migrants - something that would be a total disaster were Turkey to gain EU membership and, needless to say, welfare costs which would increase out of all recognition.

At least the Department of Work & Pensions recognise who the true government of this country is, issuing a statement which said:
"We are in discussions with the Commission as, in our view, the current rules are within the law and are right for the UK, and changing them now would not be in our interest."
Listening to Ed Miliband giving his speech this afternoon at the Labour Conference I was struck by how he - and the Coalition Duo, Cameron/Clegg - continue to give speeches about their vision of government for our country; about how they will produce policies for the betterment of our country; and how only they have the 'right' vision, commitment and zeal to do this. Like me, you have probably noticed an omission, common to all three Leaders - and that is their failure to acknowledge that they are not, in fact, our government as that actually resides in Brussels, something only too apparent by the leak of the documents to the Mail.

There is only one source that can provide the requirements of increased Welfare costs - together with all the other costs incurred by EU membership -- and that is the taxpayer. When taxes reach the point whereby the people are unable to afford the lifestyle they wish to attain, then, with a bit of luck the longed-for revolution will happen!


Sue said...

You have more faith in the sheeple than I do WfW. Did you see the faces of the morons at the Labour Party Conference today?

What a strange bunch of looking people.

UKIP really need to get their act together, perhaps change their name to the Freedom Party.

Witterings from Witney said...

Well Sue, if one can have no faith that your fellow humanbeing cannot see what is at the end of their nose, then we all are well and truely the victim of self-fornication.

On the Ukip point you make - one can only hope that they can 'sort themselves out'. However a name change without a change in the attitude of those at the top will make not one wit of difference.

As they say, when the wheel are coming off there ain't much point in changing the driver, without fixing the bloody wheels first!