Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What Do Citizens Matter?

From EUobserver:
"As EU leaders gather in Brussels to brainstorm on the EU's role on the world stage and ways to toughen eurozone fiscal discipline, a fresh survey shows that most citizens in the main euro-countries think the common currency has been bad for the economy and are looking at national governments rather than the EU to tackle the economic crisis.

Some 60 percent of the French, and more than half of German, Spanish and Portuguese respondents said that the euro was "a bad thing for their economy", according to Transatlantic Trends, a survey published on Wednesday (15 September) by the German Marshall Fund of the United States."
So the majority of people in the two most important (in their eyes) member states believe that membership of the euro is bad for their economy - but hey, they are just 'people' so what the hell do they know?

I suppose that when you are earning £270,000 plus a chauffeured car, housing allowance and a staff of 20; or £320,000 plus millions more being spent on a 22-strong private office and at least ten bodyguards; when you can spend £730,000 on travel and 'representation' in one year, it must be extremely difficult to know just what 'life' as a citizen comprises.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Lose the apostrophe in the title. Apart from that, agreed.

James Higham said...

And so the circus goes on ...