Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weasel Words - Again!

The Telegraph 'hails' the announcement that a referendum lock is to be introduced on any future surrendering of British powers to the European Union and the sub-headline reads:
"Britons will be given the right to vote on any future transfer of power from the UK to Brussels, ministers will say."
It is not until later in the article one reads this:
"British legal advisers in Brussels would determine whether a transfer of power had taken place. MPs would then be given the chance to vote on holding a referendum. If they vote in favour, a referendum would be held."
As Matts Persson of Open Europe is quoted as saying:
"This is very, very good news – if they take a strict interpretation of ‘transfer of powers’. If they do, and call a referendum whenever powers are being transferred, then that is hugely significant and would stop further integration......The temptation is that they start to take Labour’s approach and try to get out of it by calling the transfer of powers something different."
Note the second quotation from the Telegraph's article - as with the 'recall system for MPs', this referendum pledge will only be a 'right' if the MPs agree that the people should have their say. It is also fair to say that Persson has a point - Osborne's recent 'agreement' on budget foresight by the EU is a power given away. It is also worth noting that due to Cameron's desire to remain a member of the EU you can bet your little cotton socks that there will be plenty of 'calling the transfer of powers something different'. Oh and the British legal advisers in Brussels are paid by who and therefore owe their allegiance to who???

This latest 'policy' is on a par with the article Cameron wrote for Comment is Free - it is nothing more than a 'smokescreen', a magician's 'sleight of hand' in that the average member of the public will not have a clue as to what it actually means. Within the promise of transparency conning the public, the Coalition will push the 'sub-headline' part whilst remaining mute on the 'mechanics'.

Talking of 'weasel words', consider this:
"A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Referendums will happen over any future treaty with the EU, or any that transfer areas of power or competences."(my emphasis)
'Or any' what? Treaties? There won't be any further treaties - Lisbon has seen to that!

The Coalition really are - as Richard North calls them - slime, as is every MP who votes for and with them!


Anonymous said...

Our political class cannot be trusted one millionth of an inch. They treat us with utter contempt and take delight in conning us. To this end, we will not be free until it is us who decides when we will take a vote on something. When we have the power to recall or petition for a referendum without any permission from our political classes. Slime is synonymous with the political class as a whole.


IanPJ said...

Too little too late, only applies to new treaties (and as Lisbon is self amending, there won't necessarily be any) and it is limited to the opinion of British legal advisers in Brussels who would determine whether a transfer of power had ta...ken place (who will be on the EU gravy train already) and then MPs would then be given the chance to vote on holding a referendum (no doubt whipped in parliament). If, and only if they vote in favour, a referendum would be held.

So basically, no chance before hell freezes over...

Witterings From Witney said...

Anon, quite agree.

IPJ, what I said - no?