Thursday, 23 September 2010

Telegraph 'Journalism' - Again!

The Telegraph has decided to air its views on the £780million Thanet wind farm and how it is the world's biggest; that it increases the UK's off-shore energy capacity to 1.34 gigawatts – more than in the rest of the world combined; that it is a landmark in the Government's drive to put wind power – both off- and on-shore – at the heart of its renewable energy strategy.

Not one friggin' word about the 'elephant in the room'; not one friggin' word about how we are being 'ripped-off' by spivs (both in and out of government); not one single word that our so-called government - you know, the one in a blue funk that has a yellow stripe up its back - are only following this hare-brained scheme to produce energy because another load of incompetents sitting in Brussels have told them to.

The Telegraph trumpets the fact that it is "Newspaper of the Year". I am not too sure which year, as it most surely has not been during the last five, I would think. The speed of its descent ensures it will not be long before it is torn into strips, perforated at regular intervals and then stamped with the word 'Izal', before being exported to the third world!

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