Sunday, 19 September 2010

Two Bloggers Most Definitely 'Hit The Nail' On The Head

In this post I would like to pull together two bloggers, Mark Wadsworth and The Boiling Frog, the latter not just because he links to a post of mine.

Mark Wadsworth links to a survey carried out in which the top ranking result was:
"Payments to international bodies such as the UN and EU"
which kind of makes a mockery of the statement of MPs that the EU does not feature in their postbag or on the doorstep.

The Boiling Frog makes some interesting points as a result of a survey in which he took part. Underlining the point of my post on Ashcroft, to which he links and the Times point about the fact that 16,000 votes cost Cameron an outright majority, just "how long are the Tories going to maintain their 'fingers-in-ears-we-can't-hear-you' strategy?"

Just thinking................