Thursday, 23 September 2010

Coalition Speed Up UK Integtration Into EU

Cross-posted from IanPJ on Politics:
"There was a press release from the EU Commission today that caught my eye via the Albion Alliance Presents site, which is a source for raw no spin EU related information.

The press release, which I doubt you will find any reference to in the UK press, was issued by Internal Market and Services Commissioner Michel Barnier who said:
It’s essential that European rules aimed at making the Internal Market work are implemented in Member States – in time and properly.
The report provides an overview of Member States’ compliance with the implementation and application of Internal Market law, with a target of less than 1% of directives, regulations and opinions remaining outstanding to be transposed into National laws.

In total, 18 Member States meet the 1% target of which 8 improved or equalled their transposition deficit compared to six months ago: Denmark, Malta, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The UK Coalition government has been speeding up the implementation of EU law in the UK. So much for a Eurosceptic Tory party eh.

You can read the Press release by clicking on Go to Source here
You can read the full implementation report here."
"So much for a Eurosceptic Tory party eh" - Exactly why, Ian, yesterday I labelled this party and their leader as "deceitful, liars, dishonourable, unprincipled and unpatriotic".


Anonymous said...

You're being far too kind to them, WfW.

The trouble is that I can't think of any species of creature above which I can place them; to me they are the lowest form of life.

(Just noticed your word verification is 'prodi', spooky, eh!)

Indyanhat said...

Rule nEUrussia
nEurussia rules the proles
And britons never, never, never
got to vote at all!

Disgraceful, the Tory/others never meant a word they said, much like labour. I always said that none of them could be trusted!

Honeymoon period?... PMT (perfect mutual turnaround) more like!

Anonymous said...

You are quite correct in your description, but possibly too, too kind. Despicable doesn't come anywhere near. But then we knew that before the election!


Witterings from Witney said...

A (1) - agreed re the order of things....

I - PMT : like it!

Derek - ah but so many did not!