Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Creeping Paralysis Of UK Sovereignty

"The European Parliament voted to adopt a new regulation on aviation safety that could lead to the establishment of a Europe-wide counterpart of the U.S. NTSB. While each nation will continue to run its own investigation office for air transport accidents, the new regulation creates a “European network of civil aviation safety investigation authorities.”

The text of the bill came out of an agreement between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers–where governments are represented–under the co-decision process. Formal confirmation by the Council should come next. Then the regulation will appear in the Official Journal of the EU and come into force 20 days later.

At a time of austerity, when all the nation states of the EU are cutting and paring back their budgets, the EU is still spending your tax money like water, creating new layers of bureaucracy and Eurocrats by the dozen.

But as all matters EU are off the coalition agenda, don’t expect your MP to tell you about this, or to even discuss this waste in parliament, in fact because its a ‘Regulation’ it becomes UK law without any reference to national parliaments anyway.

You know the drill, shut up about the EU and just keep paying..

(source: CharterX)"
So is borne the European Transportation Safety Board - and it will not end there! Never mind about Protocols - they are meaningless at the end of the day. What the EU wants, the EU will have, one way or another. Because of that it is undeniable that eventually in the years to come we will have an EU Health 'service', an EU Education 'service', an EU law & order 'service', In fact, within the European Transportation Service Board will be brought shipping and rail - this is already being proposed here.

As the late Frankie Howard used to say: "Titter ye not" - it will happen, just be patient!,

This insidious, obnoxious (and unwanted by the people) system of government has to be brought to a juddering halt immediately - as do the likes of the Lib/Lab/Con. The sooner they get torpedoed, hit the buffers, or better still bombed out of existence, the better!

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