Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Referendum Lock - Where? When?

For the two parties who formed the Coalition, agreeing that there should be no more 'transfer of power' to the European Union, one would have thought that this proposed 'Referendum Lock Bill' would be high on the list of priorities. It would seem not, by the absence of any publication of this Bill or any intimation that it is forthcoming.

England Expects has spotted something in a recent speech by Herman Van Rompuy in which he used the phrase "The Reverse Majority Rule" - EE's post can be read here. Gawain Towler (England Expects) in questioning whether there is to be a surreptitious change to voting rules, writes:
"........this is of enormous importance to the balance of power in the European Union and indeed would, under Mr Cameron's Referendum lock precipitate a referendum, as it is a clear transfer of powers to the EU away from the nation states."
Ah, but whilst there is no 'Referendum Lock Bill' and powers continue to leech to the European Union, there can be no opportunity of a referendum being called by the Coalition. Now that, as a ploy by the Coalition, is rather clever - is it not? Hardly surprising though from one (David Cameron) who portrayed himself as a Eurosceptic* the last time he offered himself for election!

* Another nail in that coffin is this post by The Boiling Frog - "Instructions from London"? WTF?

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