Thursday, 30 September 2010

The On-Going/Never Ending Battle Mili vs Mili

Politics Home front page - at 18:22 - states:
"............With the battle between the brothers over........"
What is it with the journalistic elite that they cannot see what is in front of their noses? Much wailing and gnashing of teeth has occured amongst our journalistic elite about these two men, with stories of how poor Ed is cut up about having done the dirty on David and how David does not wish to queer the pitch for Ed; coupled with stories about whether David would serve under his brother.

FFS, it is not rocket science and even the journalistic elite - with their shared brain cell - could surely have foreseen trouble ahead the minute the two decided to stand for the Labour leadership. Whether MiliD quits the front bench and becomes a backbencher, or whether he did serve on the front bench is neither here nor there.

Until MiliD quits politics completely the press will continue to write stories about him 'simmering' on the backbenches, what he would have done had he been elected leader etc, etc, ad nauseum - and even then, should he quit, that won't stop the press.

The burning question is just what the hell were these two 'luminaries' of political logic thinking when they decided to set out on the journey to become leader? Did no-one bang their bloody heads together and point out the bleeding obvious?

Both stood believing they had the 'nous' to run the country - unfortunately it is obvious they did not posses the basic ability to run their own brains!

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john in cheshire said...

Socialists and communists (marxist, trotsyites or whatever) are not fit to live amongst normal people, let alone presume to rule over them.