Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cameron Has A Twisted Mind

With his latest comment piece in the Guardian Cif section, David Cameron has just shot himself in both feet (he couldn't find his brain!). One statement deserves highlighting first for the truth it contains, which must be a first for Cameron:

"We will be the first government in a generation to leave office with much less power in Whitehall than we started with."

Yup, another 'Cameron 'cast iron guarantee' - one which he will have no trouble keeping this time - as whatever 'power' Whitehall has, Cameron will have either given it away to the EU or the EU will have taken it!

Yet another 'gem':

"There's the efficiency argument – that in huge hierarchies, money gets spent on bureaucracy instead of the frontline. There is the fairness argument – that centralised national blueprints don't allow for local solutions to major social problems. And there is the political argument – that centralisation creates a great distance in our democracy between the government and the governed."

If that is not an argument for getting out of the hell that is membership of the EU, then I don't know what is!

And another:

"We must begin by pushing power down as far it will go, straight to individuals.One way of doing that is by spreading choice."

Spreading choice is fine, but not if as Cameron is doing by limiting where that choice is spread. If Cameron really believed in spreading choice then a referendum on membership of the EU would be the first choice the public would be given.

Cameron continues:

"Of course, there are some centralised responsibilities that are more difficult to devolve straightaway – but that's not to say we can't start relaxing the grip of central control."
The most centralised responsibility of all is not that difficult to devolve straightaway, but then this apology for a Conservative has no wish to repeal the European Communities Act of 1972.

In just the second paragraph of this article Cameron writes:
".........a radical redistribution of power away from central government and to people. I predict your eyes rolling. Successive prime ministers have promised to give power away........."
Oh yes, are my eyes rolling Mr. Cameron, as you have just joined the bloody list!

Ending his article, Cameron writes:
"......For a long time we had a government whose words were "for the people" and whose actions were against them......"
Well, Numpty - we still have!

In this contradictory article Cameron 'bangs-on' about this illusionary 'Transparency' crap of which he says he is so fond and it is a great pity that he does not adhere to it.

In a separate article the Telegraph reports that Frank Field's Intermediary Report on Welfare Reform is not to be published, presumably on the orders of Cameron. One has to ask why not, especially that (a) Cameron asked for the report and (b) it is our bloody money that presumably has paid for it. In the Foreward to the document "The Coalition - our programme for government", Cameron - with Clegg - writes that "We both want a Britain where our political system is looked at with admiration, not anger.........So we will extend transparency to every area of public life.". Fine words indeed - but, unfortunately, another illustration of a broken Cameron promise.

I think it can be safely said that David Cameron despised Gordon Brown and virtually everything he stood for; however I also have to ask whether he despises his own party and the British electorate more. The question is posed as logic dictates that no politician could write this CiF piece, no politician could 'backtrack' on his words so easily if he had even the most basic sense of honour and principle.

H/T: My thanks to Muffled Vociferation for tipping me off by email to the CiF article.


Anonymous said...

Of course he hates us, alway has and always will. He probably knows that we know it, or perhaps we will have to remind him just who employs him one day, soon!


Witterings from Witney said...

A, Yup but unfortunately we have to wait until 2015 thanks to his stitch-up!